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Morocco Films. On the big screen.

It’s true – films can be fun and frivolous. But as well as being entertaining, travel movies are also a gateway to knowledge. A country’s history, culture, and people come alive on the screen, giving you a window into new worlds. Begin your journey through film now.

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Marock (2006)

Directed by Directed by Laïla Marrakchi

Hypocrisy, religion, arranged marriages, and Jewish–Arab relationships in the upper class of Casablanca are portrayed through a teen love story between Muslim Rita and Jewish Youri.

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Marrakech Express (1989)

Directed by Directed by Gabriele Salvatores

Old high school gang reunites on a road trip through Morocco in order to save an old friend.

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Queen of The Desert (2015)

Directed by Directed by Werner Herzog

The life of British traveler, writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer, and political officer Gertrude Bell, who left her comfortable social life and moved to the Middle East.

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The Source (La Source des Femmes) (2011)

Directed by Directed by Radu Mihaileanu

The women of a remote village decide to go on a sex strike against having to fetch water from a remote source.

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