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Morocco Books. Read all about it.

Even if you have only read one good book in your life, you will know what pleasure reading good travel books brings. These travel and tourism books will spark your imagination, fuel your soul, and transport you to another world. Begin your literary journey now.

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Culture Shock! Morocco: A Survival Guide
to Customs and Etiquette (2009)

Orin Hargraves

A good introduction to norms and customs of Moroccan culture and religion.

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For Bread Alone (1973)

Mohamed Choukri

Mohamed Choukri’s biography translated to English by Paul Bowles. A young Berber boy from the Rif mountains runs away from his father to the big city of Tangier, where he experiences extreme poverty and the turmoil of the 50’s. At the age of 20 he decides to learn Arabic and becomes a teacher and a writer.

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Autobiographical novel

Hideous Kinky: A Novel (1993)

Esther Freud

An English hippy takes her two daughters to Marrakech, where they live like locals.

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Historical Dictionary of Morocco (2006)

Thomas K. Park & Aomar Boum

This dictionary follows historical figures and events of Morocco and provides useful information for those wanting to follow the chronology of this kingdom.

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Jewish Culture and Society in North Africa (2011)

Emily Gottreich & Daniel Schroeter

An academic book that takes research of Jewish life in North Africa into the 21st century. The author includes topics that are not just religion and Arab-Jewish relations but focuses on gender issues, education, veneration of saints in modern days, identity issues for the private person and as a community in Muslim countries.

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Jewish Moroccan Folk Narratives from Israel (1993)

Haya Bar-Itzhak & Aliza Shenhar

Storytelling was part of Moroccan society in the big cities as well as in the remote villages in the mountains and the desert, and so were the Jews. When Moroccan Jewry left, so did the art of Jewish storytelling. This book, which derives from the field of folklore studies, includes the tales of Jewish storytellers after their Aliya to Israel. Were their old narratives changed due to immigration? Can these stories exist in Israel?

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Let It Come Down: A Novel (1952)

Paul Bowles

An American arrives in the international zone of Tangier seeking to change his life and explores all the good and evil the city has to offer.

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Memories of Absence: How Muslims Remember Jews in Morocco (2013)

Aomar Boum

Boum investigates how four successive generations remember the lost Jewish community. Moroccan attitudes toward the Jewish population have changed over the decades, and a new debate has emerged at the center of the Moroccan nation: Where does the Jew fit in the context of an Arab and Islamic monarchy? Can Jews simultaneously be Moroccans and Zionists? Drawing on oral testimony and stories, on rumor and humor, Aomar Boum examines the strong shift in opinion and attitude over the generations and the increasing anti-Semitic beliefs among younger people, whose only exposure to Jews has been through international media and national memory.

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Morocco - The Collected Traveler:
An Inspired Anthology and Travel Resource (2001)

Barrie Kerprer

A book that combines eye-opening facts for the traveler and articles written about all aspects of visiting Morocco from a traveler’s perspective.

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Saint Veneration Among the Jews in Morocco (1998)

Issachar Ben-Ami

Saint veneration among North African Jews is a unique Jewish phenomenon and even more so among Moroccan Jews, who, even after 60 years of living in Israel, still cherish the traditions and customs that were used in Morocco, using modern means to continue them today. This book opens a window to this unique phenomenon, maps the different saints, and tells their stories.

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Travel, biography

The Caliph's House – A Year in Casablanca (2006)

Tahir Shah

A family is replacing London’s gray sky with sunny Casablanca where they encounter Muslim tradition and African folklore. They slowly learn that an empty house in Morocco is considered to be haunted by demons and that making their dream come true is more challenging than they could have expected.

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The Last Storytellers:
Tales from the Heart of Morocco (2011)

Richard Hamilton

In the modern world with TV and mobile phones there is no place for the old tradition of storytelling, which existed for centuries and was part of Moroccan culture. Richard Hamilton visited Djamaa el Fna, the main square of Marrakech that served as the last stronghold of this endangered art. There, he recorded the people's stories and brings us beautiful examples of what he heard together with the stories of the people who lived in Marrakech. Their lives make the city so fascinating.

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The Mellah of Marrakesh: Jewish and
Muslim Space in Morocco’s Red City (2007)

Emily Gottreich

During a visit to Morocco one wanders through the alleys of the different Jewish Quarters and hears the word Mellah again and again. This book conveys the story of the Marrakech Mellah from its finding in the 16th century to modern time, and sheds light on relationships in the city between Jews and Muslim, Jews and the ruler, and Jews among themselves.

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The Sheltering Sky (1949)

Paul Bowles

An American couple is travelling in North Africa believing the journey could save their marriage.

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The Spider's House (1955)

Paul Bowles

The city of Fes comes alive in a story that follows the turmoil of relationships between colonialist France and traditional Morocco that seeks modernity and independence during the early 50’s.

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Two Arabs, a Berber and a Jew:
Entangled Lives in Morocco (2016)

Lawrence Rosen`

An anthropologic research of many years following the lives of different men who compose the Moroccan mosaic. Especially interesting is the part of the Jew who tells the story of his life among the Berbers and the immigration to the city where he dwells among the Arabs during the Six Day War in 1967.

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