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Italy Lingo. Words & phrases.

It’s true. In many places, you will be able to get by just fine with talking English. But why stand there looking confused when you can learn how to say hi and bye, and where’s the bathroom in the native lingo? Here’s some words and phrases you might use along the way.

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Hi! Hello! Ciao (informal) / Salve (formal)Goodbye! Ciao (informal) / Arrivederci (formal)Good morning BuongiornoGood afternoon Buon pomeriggioGood evening BuonaseraGoodnight Buona notteWelcome BenvenutoHow are you? Come sta?Everything is Okay Tutto beneAnd you? E tu?Good Buono (masculine) / Buona (feminine)Thank you very much Grazie milleYou’re welcome PregoI missed you Mi sei mancataWhat’s new? Che c'e' di nuovo?See you later! ArrivederciWhere is the bathroom? Dov'è il bagno?One moment please Un momento per favoreHow much is this? Quanto?I want ... Voglio …Water AcquaExcuse me ... Mi scusi …What’s your name? Come si chiama?My name is ... Il mio nome è… Where are you from? Di dove sei?Good luck In bocca al lupoHappy birthday Buon compleannoHappy New Year Felice anno nuovoCongratulations CongratulazioniBon Appetit Buon AppetitoBless you (when sneezing) SaluteI didn’t hear Non ho sentitoI didn’t understand Non ho capitoSorry (for a mistake) Mi dispiaceNo problem Nessun problemaWhat is this? Che cos'è questo?Don't worry Non ti preoccupareGood / Bad Buono / maleBig / Small Grande / piccoloToday OggiTomorrow / Yesterday Domani / ieriYes / No Si / NoI really like it Mi piace veramenteI love you Ti amo (romantic)


One Uno Two Due Three Tre Four Quattro Five Cinque Six Sei Seven Sette Eight Otto Nine Nove Ten Dieci