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9 Day | Private Jewish Tour of the Baltics

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7 nights' accommodation at select hotels

7 days of touring in a luxury, air-conditioned bus with licensed, English speaking local tour guide

All site entrance fees and program fees as per itinerary

1 group transfer and assistance to and from the airport

Meals: daily breakfast

Day One: Monday

  • Depart the U.S.A. - your journey begins!

Overnight: Flight

Day Two: Tuesday

  • Arrive at Vilnius International Airport.
  • Welcome by your guide and transfer to the city.
  • Begin your trip in the Baltics with a panoramic introductory tour of Vilnius, Lithuania's largest city and its capital.  First mentioned in written sources in the beginning of the 14th century, the Old Town was recognized as a UNESCO Heritage site in 1994.
    The tour of the Old Town will include stops at:
    • The Vilnius Castle Complex, a group of defensive, cultural and religious buildings which evolved between the 10th and 18th centuries, including the Lower and Upper Castle and the remaining Gediminas Tower, the traditional symbol of Vilnius, and the Cathedral.
    • The Old University, founded in 1579 by the Jesuits, is Lithuania's largest university and one of the largest in Eastern Europe; its fleet of buildings exhibit various architectural styles, from Gothic and Renaissance to Rococo.
    • Hill of Three Crosses, originally constructed in 1916 by Polish sculptor Antoni Wiwulski, was torn down by the Soviets in 1950 and reconstructed in 1989 by Henrikas Šilgalis.
    • St. Anna's Church, originally erected in 1394, has been continually expanded throughout the centuries, using various art and architectural styles.
    • The Chapel of the Gates of Dawn, the only surviving of the ten original gates in the town wall, houses the  famous icon, The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Mercy - dating from the early 17th century.
  • Check into the hotel.
  • Dinner on your own and evening at leisure.

Overnight: Vilnius

Day Three: Wednesday

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Meet your guide in the hotel lobby and depart.
  • Guided visit through the Medieval Jewish Quarter and what was traditionally known throughout the Jewish world as Vilna, Yerushalayim de Lita (the "Jerusalem of Lithuania").  Vilna was one of the most significant pre-Holocaust European communities with a community of over 100,000, a world center for the study of Torah and the home of Rabbi Eliyahu Kremer, also known as the Vilna Gaon (the Genius from Vilna).
  • Walking through what was once the heart of the Jewish people, the tour will include visits to:
    • The Vilnius Choral Synagogue, built in 1903 and today the only active synagogue remaining in this city that once boasted over 100.
    • The Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum dedicated to the history of Lithuanian Jewish life, including an exposition on the Holocaust and a contemporary Center of Tolerance.
  • The building which housed the Judenrat (Vilna Ghetto Jewish Council) during the Holocaust.
  • Lunch on your own, en route.
  • Memories of the past come alive: Visit the Jewish Cemetery of Vilna.
  • Visit Ponar Forest Holocaust Memorial, in honor and memory of the 100,000 people who were killed during the Holocaust, of whom more than 70,000 were Lithuanian Jews.
  • Depart for Trakai, one of Lithuania's most charming towns located on a peninsula between two lakes. Founded before 1321 Trakai served as the ancient capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.  Famous for its medieval castles, beautiful lake fronts and iconic national landmarks, Trakai has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage City.
  • Visit the Trakai Castle, a fairytale- like island castle, situated in Lake Galve, built in the late 14th and completed in the early 15th century. Stop at the Karaite Synagogue in the town, which is host to the oldest Karaite community in the Lithuanian-Polish Commonwealth, and is seen by the Karites as their homeland.
  • Return to the hotel.
  • Dinner on own and evening at leisure.

Overnight: Vilnius

Day Four: Thursday

  • Breakfast at the hotel and check out.
  • Meet your guide in the hotel lobby and depart.
  • Drive to Kaunas, Lithuania's second largest city and once its temporary capital.  Until 1940 Kaunas, also known as Kovno, boasted a Jewish population of 35,000-40,000, one fourth of the city's entire population.
  • Getting acquainted: Drive through the city for a panoramic tour of the Old Town to view the Kaunas Cathedral, Old Town Hall and Square and Kaunas Castle.
  • Meet the family: Meet on the corner of Hebrew, Yiddish, Esperanto and the Enlightenment, passing the streets and homes of those who were significant in the development of modern Jewish thought: 
    • Zamenhoff Street, named in honor of Ludwig Eliezer Zamenhoff and his residence here. Zamenhoff believed that an international language had the power to unite the world and aside from being a great linguist, invented the universal language of Esperanto.
    • Mapu Street, named in honor of Abraham Mapu, a native of Slobodka and Hebrew novelist of the Jewish Enlightenment, considered the creator of the modern Hebrew novel, influenced by, and inspiration for, the budding Zionist movement.
    • The childhood home of Leah Goldberg, who began her literary journey at the age of 12. Writing in multiple languages, Goldberg was one of Israel's most prominent and influential poets and authors. In addition she was a professor of literature, a play-write, acclaimed translator and a symbol of the manifestation of modern Jewish literature in the Land and State of Israel.
    • The Ohel Yakov Choral Synagogue and the Children's Holocaust Memorial, located in its courtyard.
    • The office and home of the Righteous Amongst the Nations, Chiune Sugihara, Japanese Counsel who generated thousands of travel visas for Jews during the Holocaust, in direct opposition to the orders of his government, and thus, at great peril to himself, was directly responsible for their escape and survival.
  • Lunch on own en route.
  • Depart for Sauliai, Lithuania's fourth largest city, for a short city tour. The city was founded in the first half of the 13th century.
  • Stop en route at the Hill of the Crosses, a Lithuanian national pilgrimage spot on which crosses have been placed since at least the 19th century as a symbol of devotion, defiance and Lithuanian National Identity.
  • Cross into Latvia and arrive in Riga, the capital of Latvia and largest city in the Baltic States.  Jewish presence dates back to the 13th which is the same century the city was founded.
  • Check into the hotel.
  • Dinner on own and evening at leisure.

Overnight: Riga

Day Five: Friday

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Meet your guide in the hotel lobby and depart.
  • Journey through Jewish Past, Proud and Painful: Visit the Old Jewish Quarter of Riga, which at its peak, prior to the Holocaust, was home to almost 44,000 Jewish inhabitants and was the heart of Jewish life in Latvia. Visit the Memorial of the Burnt Synagogue, site of the Great Choral Synagogue, destroyed by the Nazis on July 4, 1941. It stands as a memorial to the Jewish victims killed by the Nazis. In the aftermath of the war, the once strong Jewish population of Riga numbered 150 alone. 
  • Visit Rumbula Memorial where many Jews of Riga and Germany perished.
  • Visit Salaspils Concentration Camp monument complex in remembrance of the Soviet victims of the Nazis.
  • Biggest city deserves the biggest market: Continue to the Riga Market, the biggest indoor market in the Baltic States.
  • Lunch on your own, en route.
  • Art imitating life imitating art: Time to walk through Riga's Art Nouveau district; the Art Nouveau Movement was the architectural and artistic answer to the literary modernist movement that began in the late 19th century. Riga has one of the largest centers of Art Nouveau in Europe.
  • Visit the Jewish Museum.
  • Return to the hotel.
  • Optional Shabbat services at the Peitav Synagogue, built in 1905, it is Riga's sole surviving synagogue.
  • Dinner on your own and evening at leisure.

Overnight: Riga

Day Six: Saturday

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Optional Shabbat services at the Peitav Synagogue.
  • Meet your guide in the hotel lobby and depart.
  • Lunch on own.
  • Seeing the sites: Tour of Riga's Old Town, a beautiful reflection of architecture, cafés, music,  history and more, with visits to: 
    • Tour of Riga's Old Town, including visits to: 
    • The Riga Castle.
    • St. Mary's Dome Cathedral, the largest cathedral in the Baltics.
    • The Large Guild, home to the Riga Orchestra and the Small Guild, a Crafts Corporation House.
    • The Freedom Monument, a 138-foot high granite, travertine and copper monument honoring soldiers killed during the 1918-1920 Latvian War of Independence.
    • The House of Blackheads, originally mentioned in the 14th century as an important center of public life for unmarried merchants - the Brotherhood of Blackheads was later destroyed during WWII and reconstructed at the beginning of this century.
    • The Town Hall square and an old Town Hall devastated during WWII and rebuilt in 2002.
  • St. Peter's Church, first built in the 13th century has since been expanded upon.
  • Dinner on own and evening at leisure.

Overnight: Riga

Day Seven: Sunday

  • Breakfast at the hotel and check out.
  • Visit the Holocaust Memorial and burial spot of almost 40,000 people from all over Europe who were murdered in the Bikernieki Forest during the years 1941 till 1944. Latvian and Western European Jews, Soviet war prisoners, and the Nazis' political adversaries, were killed here in 55 mass graves have been thus far.
  • The power of nature: Drive to Sigulda, the “Switzerland of Latvia”, on the riverside of the Gauja River with its medieval castles, steep cliffs of red sandstone and the largest cave in the Baltics with a nearby spring with water infused with life lengthening qualities for all who drink from it.
  • Visit the Turaida Castle Museum.
  • Lunch on your own, en route.
  • NOW we are moving: Drive via Paernu, Estonia's main summer resort, and continue to Tallinn, Estonia's capital and largest city, situated on the Gulf of Finland.
  • Arrive in Tallinn and check into the hotel.
  • Dinner on own and evening at leisure.

Overnight: Tallinn

Day Eight: Monday

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Meet your guide in the hotel lobby and depart.
  • Visit the Klooga Holocaust Memorial, located at the site of an Estonian forced labor camp set up by the Nazis during WWII and the Jewish cemetery in Rahumae, including the Jewish Chapel and Levinovitschi Mausoleum.
  • L'Chayim, L'Chayim, To Life: Visit the Tallinn Jewish Center, School and Museum as well as the Beit Bella Synagogue, inaugurated in 2007 and the first synagogue to be built in Tallinn since 1944, and meet with members of the local Jewish community. The original synagogue was destroyed by a Soviet Air bombing on the Nazi-occupied city.
  • Lunch at leisure on your own.
  • Tour of Tallinn's Old Town, with its medieval Churches, original cobblestone alley ways, merchant houses and barns, some of which date back to the 11th century. A walk through the ‘medieval pearl of Europe' will include: 
    • Town Hall Square
    • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
    • Niguliste Church
    • Dome Cathedral
    • Toompea Castle
    • Old Pharmacy House
  • Return to the hotel with time to freshen-up.
  • Dinner on your own and evening at leisure.

Overnight: Tallinn

Day Nine: Tuesday
RETURN HOME | no guide

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Check out of the hotel.
  • Transfer to the Tallinn International Airport.
  • Departure flight to the U.S.A., arriving the same day.

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Radisson Blu Astorija Image

Radisson Blu Astorija

This landmark hotel, originally built in 1901 and recently renovated, offers sophisticated facilities while retaining its turn-of-the-century charm. Superbly located in the heart of the picturesque , the hotel is within walking distance of main attractions and shopping areas and a short drive from the airport.

Radisson Blu Ridzene Image

Radisson Blu Ridzene

Overlooking the park and historic Old Town, the Reval Ridzene Hotel is in the center of Riga and near the city's main parks, offering the hotel an almost tranquil setting. With modern luxuries, the utmost respect for privacy and attention to detail, the hotel is ideal for discerning travelers visiting Riga.

Radisson Blu Image

Radisson Blu

Rising above the Estonian capital, the Radisson Blu Sky Hotel provides sweeping views of the city. Our location in Tallinn city center lets visitors walk to many cultural attractions, including the historical Old Town, and the Tallinn Airport is only 4 kilometers away.

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