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I am here because I know that Israel is the only democracy in this area, and the only place where I can save my life.

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“Back in Sudan I was a teacher and I loved my job, but because of the war and genocide in Darfur – I had to flee. I came here because I heard that Israel is the only democracy in this area and I thought this place will be safe for me.

“When I went back to visit Sudan in 2005, ruins were all that was left from my village. Luckily I found my family in a nearby refugee camp. They still live there – it costs too much money to bring them here.

“Today I am a barber here in south Tel-Aviv and an activist in the refugees’ community. I would love to be back with my people, to reunite with my family and to have my old life back, but if I go back to Sudan the government will kill me. I am staying here in order to save my life.”

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