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We are fulfilling an agricultural, educational and Zionist mission.

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Uri Alon – “I was born in Rehovot 54 years ago, and ever since I can remember, I have always been dealing with seeds, plants and all kinds of agriculture. I studied in the Pardes Hanna agricultural high school and when the IDF called, I replaced the land with the sea. When those 6 years as a naval officer ended, I decided to return to my passion. After studying in Rehovot, my wife and I decided to follow along the path of Ben-Gurion’s vision to make the Negev desert bloom.

It was back in 1988 when agriculture was a rare thing to see in the Negev, that we chose to settle in Talmei Yossef village and started building our greenhouses, literally with our own hands. I am proud to say that our farm grew and flourished.

Following our success, we decided to share our passion for agriculture In Israel, which is how we came up with “The Salad Trail”, our version of agricultural tourism.

All our greenhouses nowadays are dedicated to the tens of thousands of visitors, tourists from Israel and abroad, who come and enjoy a vast variety of more than 80 crops, including 10 kinds of cherry tomatoes, 3 different cucumbers, 7 types of mint and many more. My favorite, by the way, is a miniature sweet orange, a special species I have cultivated myself, that is named after my childhood nickname – Uri Kaduri.

I truly feel that we are fulfilling an agricultural, educational and Zionist mission here in the Negev.”

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