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Running is more than just a sport.

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This coming Friday, thousands of runners will gather from around the country, and indeed the world, to run through the streets of Jerusalem – up the hills, through the Old City, and around the bends of the historical and contemporary landmarks. In honor of this upcoming event, we wanted to check in with a local runner and see what all the hype is about.

Ofir Dinur, a Tel Aviv based running coach, sees running as a way of life. He explains, “Running is a long distance journey, a journey with challenges and frights, ambitions and disappointments, physical and emotional pain and strengths.”

Besides running marathons in New York, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, and Tiberias, Dinur also holds regular running groups in Tel Aviv and the surrounding suburbs. “Running with a group helps us cope with all the challenges of running. You can share your pain, and most importantly, gain strength, power, and faith in your abilities.”

While Dinur says all of the locations he’s run in are great and each has its own character, he likes running in Tel Aviv best. “You are blown away by the views of the Yarkon Park, the breeze from the Medierranean Sea, and the unique people you encounter on the way.”

For Dinur, running is more than a sport. “I run in order to breathe. I run because that is the way I live. I run because it is the way I feel alive.”

Good luck to all the runners this weekend!

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