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Seeing the world without getting on a plane.

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Ever get that travel bug where you can’t quite move on from your latest excursion? There’s many ways to cope – reading a book, perusing the web for your next big adventure, or, there’s Matan Zigron’s way: surround yourself with world travellers.

After his military service, Matan, from the Israeli city of Petach Tikva,  travelled through Europe, and set foot in almost every European capital city possible. Ready for a new scene, he changed his course to India. Enamored with the calmness and change of pace, Matan decided to remain in India for a longer stay, and began working as a security guard at the Israeli Embassy.

Upon returning to Israel, he studied accounting, but could not get the travel bug out of his system. He decided to apply for a position with a well-known airline, and has since become a security guard, as well as a body guard for VIP guests arriving to Israel with the airline. “Through their stories, I get to hear about other countries and taste different foods being cooked for them, without even getting on an airplane,” says Matan.

Once he completes his academic track, Matan plans to resume traveling. His next destination?

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