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Because the solution to cancer may well come out of Israel.

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Eric Heffler – “It’s amazing how many scientific and medical breakthroughs have come out of Israel, such a small country.  It just makes me very proud.

For 40 years, Israel Cancer Research Fund has been sponsoring and enabling Israel’s best and brightest scientists to conduct their life-saving research in Israel, and not have to seek funding elsewhere. The results have been remarkable, and we have been on lookers as new treatments, drugs and cures have been developed to help cancer patients worldwide”.

ICRF IS going to Israel to celebrate life, and to meet the brilliant scientists, in their workplace, we will also meet other inspirational leaders who have brought us to this day.

Click here to view the detailed itinerary and join us on what will not only be a great trip to Israel, but an historic and memorable celebration of 40 years of miracles.

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