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When an Israeli and a Palestinian’s life depends on each other - politics, prejudice and hatred fade away, even if for a little while.

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“As part of my sociology studies, I had an assignment to initiate a project that concerns inequality in society. Back then I had worked as a climbing instructor in the Jerusalem climbing gym, and I had noticed that there are no Arab kids who climb. That’s where Climb4Change started.

“The first meeting between the Arab and Jewish youth was a mutual mix of concerns and prejudices. But as time passed by, tolerance took place and friendships were created. What is special in this sport is that your life lies in the hands of your climbing partner. You must trust him 100%. When the kids climb in Arab-Jewish pairs they develop a special way to talk and communicate, and that’s what enables the close bonding and special dialogue between them. We just had the annual meeting of one of our groups. It was so exciting to see them all hugging, chatting and laughing together, like old friends.”

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