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There is one client I will never forget.

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Barak – “We are here at ‘Between Azza and Berlin’ Hummus place since 1999, and in a rough calculation I can say that we sold here around 13.5 tons of hummus. In between, I’ve really seen all kinds of clients- from students to judges of the Supreme Court and prime ministers. But there is one client I remember the most. It was just as we started; we didn’t have any air-conditioning and it was a day with a serious heat wave, so there were almost no clients, and I was all depressed because of that.

“But suddenly a lady came in, and asked for a falafel. I served her well and even added all kinds of extra stuff according to her special requests – eggplant, egg, French fries and so on. I didn’t charge extra for those, and just asked for 8 shekels – that was the price of a falafel dish back in 1999. She suddenly started yelling and screaming that in the shuk (Mahane Yehuda market) it costs only 6 shekels. I took her pita back and took a good bite out of it, saying – ‘Madam, now it costs only 6 shekels’. I laughed so hard afterwards that it made me forget the lousy feeling I had before she came in. She actually made my day.”

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