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"A glass of wine does the body good".

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In honor of the upcoming holiday of Shavuot, we opened up a bottle of crisp Rose, and sat down to speak with Adam Montefiore. Adam, together with his business partner Oded Shoham, have taken their life-long passion and made it their day job. Both are wine connoisseurs, and in their newly-opened wine store, located in the picturesque Jaffa flea market, they feature their new line of 5 different Montefiore wines.

But Adam doesn’t stop there. He enjoys traveling the land, exploring vineyards and wineries, tasting new brands, and sharing his knowledge with other winemakers. As the wine editor for the Jerusalem Post, he gets to experience the ‘ins and outs’ of the world renowned Israeli wine industry.

According to Adam, the secret of the industry’s success, besides the high quality grapes, are the new techniques being implemented in this ancient industry. Also, the vineyards in Israel have a longer growth cycle thanks to the different climates this small country holds, and every region has its own flavor.

As the holiday of Shavuot approaches, there is nothing better than pairing your dairy meals with a fine Rose, which is making a comeback this year. Happy holiday, and L’Chaim!

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