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For over 25 years, Da'at has partnered with many Jewish Federations, awarding us the joy, responsibility and honor of creating remarkable missions of every kind. We treasure the ability to listen to your ideas and your requirements in order to craft the perfect mission while working hand in hand with all your partner agencies. Our holistic approach to customizing experiential programming, creating special site visits and providing personalized service offers a one of a kind proposition to professional mission planners. Superior operational capabilities, access to Da'at's Customer Service team in real time and our advanced IT systems all contribute to a user friendly and friction free process. Intensive interaction with so many federations has given us a view of best practices that we are able to share with others, so if you're a long time partner who has worked with us for trips to Israel or elsewhere in the Jewish World or if you're thinking of partnering with us for the first time, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.